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Important Local Emergency Communication Frequencies

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Click Here - K2ETS Webpage at QSL.Net ETSNJ  -The ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY of New Jersey
Amatuer Radio Club
Call Sign - K 2 E T S

2 meters
146.940 MHz
Negative Offset
PL= 141.3
1.25 cm
223.960 MHz
Negative Offset
PL = 110.9
All Star Link Node # 27273
Echolink Node # 594737
2 meter Backup Repeater
146.940 MHz
Negative Offset
PL= 151.4
70 cm
443.150 MHz
Positive Offset
PL= 141.3

K2ETS Repeaters

    ETSNJ operates and maintains 2 repeaters located in the north central New Jersey Watchung Mountains. At an altitude of almost 600 ft above sea level, the 2 meter and 220 repeaters offer excellent wide area coverage and superior phone audio. These repeaters reside in a secure, temperature controlled location. Full emergency power back-up helps ensure that these ETS repeaters remain operational during adverse conditions.

    Expanding on already excellent wide area coverage each repeater has Asterisk connectivity allowing the repeaters to be linked to various local and worldwide systems via the internet utilizing Voice Over Internet Protocol (V.O.I.P.).  It also allows for remote user connections through Echolink and The All Star Link Network.

    These are open repeaters. All amateur radio operators are welcome to use them. There is no PL code required to use the 220 repeater. Every Wendesday night ETSNJ hosts an Informal Information Net at 8PM ET. This net originates on the 2 meter 146.940 MHz machine and is usually linked to other repeaters for the duration of the net.

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K2ETS is The Electronic Technology Society of New Jersey. Otherwise known as ETSNJ and ETS of NJ.
Last Updated 11/2021